This article is all about installing extra packages in Yocto build. This is a very short article on how to install extra packages in Yocto. For e.g, I would like to add curl and node js package in Yocto.

Check whether those packages are already available or not The best thing is to check whether those packages already exist or not. For e.g. run the command bitbake-layers show-recipes and redirect its output to a file. Next, open your favourite editor and find the package. There is a good chance it is already available and its the matter of compiling and installing that package to your root file system.

$bitbake-layers show-recipes  > recipes.txt

Also, you can check using the following link -


How to add those packages to your root file system

First define in local.conf file what packages you would like to install.

  curl \
  nodejs \

Next append those packages.


Now, build your image again.

$bitbake core-image-minimal

Now, your root file system should have those packages - nodejs and curl.

This brings an end to this article.